Tuesday, January 30, 2007


doing "field research"

Markus Geisler is the latest hit on the posthumanist block:
Wired News: My IPod, My Self: "According to Giesler's preliminary research, the iPod isn't simply an updated Walkman. It's an entirely new beast: a revolutionary device that transforms listeners into 'cyborgs' through a process he calls 'technotranscendence.'

Unlike the Walkman, the iPod taps into a 'hybrid entertainment matrix,' in which functions like random shuffle are a key construct, not just a cute marketing device.

'IPod and user form a cybernetic unit,' said Giesler. 'We're always talking about cyborgs in the context of cultural theory and sci-fi literature, but this is an excellent example that they're out there in the marketplace.... I have seen the future, and it is called the cyborg consumer.'"


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