Monday, October 08, 2007

Brain-to-Machine Algorithm

MIT develops brain-to-machine algorithm | Tech news blog - CNET "Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said Wednesday that they've developed an algorithm for a neural prosthetic aid that can link an individual's brain activity to the person's intentions; and then translate that intention into movement. Of course, other scientists have already done that, and built prototypes for neural brain-to-machine devices that can work for animals or humans. But each team has taken a different approach to the problem, such as developing algorithms for measuring activity in a specific brain region, or measuring them through EEGs vs. optical imaging. MIT said that it has developed a unified algorithm that can work within the parameters of these different approaches. Lakshminarayan 'Ram' Srinivasan, lead author of a paper on the subject, said MIT's new graphical models are applicable no matter what measurement technique is used. 'We don't need to reinvent a new paradigm for each modality or brain region,' he said in a statement."


Anonymous Aaron the truth monkey said...

A good application of these research findings would be for people suffering from ALS, connecting their muscles to brain regions they have conscious control over.

5:32 PM  

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