Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Two-armed nanorobotic device can alter and exchange DNA

Chemists Create Two-armed Nanorobotic Device To Maneuver World's Tiniest Particles

"Chemists at New York University and China's Nanjing University have developed a two-armed nanorobotic device that can manipulate molecules within a device built from DNA. The device was described recently in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.

"'The aim of nanotechnology is to put specific atomic and molecular species where we want them and when we want them there,' said NYU Chemistry Professor Nadrian Seeman, one of the co-authors. 'This is a programmable unit that allows researchers to capture and maneuver patterns on a scale that is unprecedented.'"

"The new, two-armed device employs DNA origami, a method unveiled in 2006 that uses a few hundred short DNA strands to direct a very long DNA strand to form structures that adopt any desired shape. ..."

"As with Seeman's previous creation, the two-armed nanorobotic device enables the creation of new DNA structures, thereby potentially serving as a factory for assembling the building blocks of new materials. With this capability, it has the potential to develop new synthetic fibers, advance the encryption of information, and improve DNA-scaffolded computer assembly."


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