The History and Future of the Book

Assignments for 2009–10

Essay #1 (1500 words): due October 9


Essay #2 (2000 words): due November 23


Research project (~4-5 pages): due January 25


Essay #3 (2000 words): due March 15


Quizzes (Fridays) & class participation


Final exam (click here to see the final exam for spring 2006)


All assignments are due on the dates stipulated. A late essay will be assessed a penalty of 10%.

You may use either: MLA citation style

or Chicago citation style

All assignments must conform to one of these styles or they will be returned unmarked.




You are plagiarizing if you present the words or thoughts of someone else as if they were your own (Exceptions are proverbial sayings or common knowledge.), or if you submit without approval of the instructor any work for which credit has previously been obtained or is being sought in another course.

Avoid charges of plagiarizing by acknowledging your sources in the essay and including them in the list of works cited. When quoting, make sure that all words and phrases from the source are in quotation marks. When paraphrasing, acknowledge the source of the idea but rewrite in your own language. For further information see the Department of English Requirements for Essays.

Plagiarism, whether from the Net, from other students, or from published sources, is a serious academic offense that bears severe consequences. Instructors will report such offenses to the dean of the student’s college, and any allegations will be reviewed by the university’s committee on Student Academic Dishonesty. Penalties can range from a “0” on an essay to a reduced mark for the course to expulsion from the University. Records of penalties assessed are kept on file by the University Registrar; penalties become more severe for subsequent offences. For more information on plagiarism, see

Students With Disabilities

The University of Saskatchewan is guided by a policy and procedures document with respect to students with disabilities. You may obtain a copy of this document at the web site for Disability Services for Students.

If you have a disability, you are urged to identify yourself to your instructors, explaining the nature of your disability in order that your instructional needs can be met.


Students are expected to attend lectures regularly and to complete all written assignments and examinations. In cases of incomplete course work, absence from final examinations, and late withdrawal, students will be assigned a numeric grade not exceeding 49%, regardless of the weighting of marks indicated on this course outline. The University regulations concerning examinations are available at See especially sections 1.4.7a.i and iii.