Writing Help

Help available at the U of Saskatchewan

Make sure you visit the University Learning Centre, where you can drop in and get some help from a tutor. Check out the Centre's workshops and video series, too.

What marks mean

What does it mean to get an A in English? What Marks Mean (pdf) explains some of the criteria used to mark your papers.

Here's some basic information if you're just starting out:


Help with the basics (grammar & punctuation)

  • OWL (Purdue University website)
    Purdue University's On-line Writing Lab (OWL) provides good explanations and definitions of basic problems with grammar and sentence structure (comma splices and run-on (fused) sentences, sentence fragments, pronoun agreement, subject-verb agreement, dangling modifiers, or clarity).

    See also OWL's exercises section. You can print these exercises, work through them and then check the answers, which are provided on the site.

  • Checkmate companion website (Nelson)
    A number of online quizzes and tests are also available on websites that are companions for printed composition manuals. Nelson has an excellent resource that allows you test yourself on thesis statements, grammar, sentence structure, and spelling and mechanics.

  • William Strunk's The Elements of Style (1918) is a classic reference book on rules of usage and composition. It remains an excellent resource for basic writing skills.


Help with general writing concerns

Help with citations and references

Help with writing a literary analysis