Writing Help: Marking

Abbreviations & shorthand comments used for marking papers:

sp spelling incorrect
ww wrong word: usage is incorrect
l.c. letter(s) should be lower case
cap. faulty capitalization
punct. faulty punctuation
concl.? your conclusions are missing: what do you conclude from the preceding examples and observations? (what have you just proved?)
vague pr. ref. vague pronoun reference: using "this" or "it" instead of more specific terms; using any pronoun without an obvious antecedent
pr.-ant. agr.
pronoun-antecedent agreement
shift in person and number
subj.-v. agr. subject-verb agreement
frag sentence fragment
cs comma splice
fused/run-on two sentences fused together without appropriate punctuation or conjunction
dm dangling modifier
vague! you need to give more specific details or use a more specific word
coll. colloquialism: slang and colloquialisms are best avoided when writing a formal university essay (I use the catch-all "coll." for slang and colloquialism although they're not exactly the same)
awk. awkward sentence
|| problem with parallel structure in your sentence
indicates that a new topic is being introduced and should be in a new paragraph
? huh? (this sentence is confusing)